As part of ERSTE Foundation NGO Academy, the Masterclass represents a third programme pillar, which complements the Social Innovation and Management Programme and the Regional Programme. The goal of the Masterclass is to enable participants to gain deep insights into one specific topic which challenges and changes organisations’ processes and structures. At the same time, the Masterclass fosters joint knowledge creation and exchange amongst participants.

The NGO Academy Masterclass aims at creating space and time to jointly dive into a topic that is of current concern for NGOs and Social Enterprises that are a part of the NGO Academy community. The curricula are tailored to the needs of the organisations and are designed as a blend of academic insights, practical experiences and the opportunity to do hands-on work for the organisations. The programme creates ideal conditions to build up individual competencies and directly apply them to real-life cases.

The Masterclass is directed specifically at individuals in leadership positions with the ability to shape structural and organisational development and operational processes of the respective organisation. Various faculty members contribute to the learning progress of the participants. The faculty consists of researchers and practitioners from the non- and for-profit sector who connect with the participants in a well-balanced mix of lectures, working groups, individual reflections, field trips and informal talks.