Digital Transformation and Social Innovation

The first Masterclass focused on the topic of digitalisation, a trend that has been almost impossible to miss in recent years. The NGO Academy Masterclass provided a deep dive into the topic of digitalisation from the perspective of social impact-oriented organisations and explored facets relevant for the organisations’ work, from a technological, strategic and process-oriented perspective.

Looking at recent developments and best practices, the first Masterclass took place in Berlin, a bustling city full of ideas and initiatives. As a city on the path of radical digital transformation, Berlin served as the perfect place to explore digitalisation trends and a booming ecosystem, outlining the possibilities and boundaries of digital social innovation.

In the tradition of the Social Innovation and Management Programme, the curriculum of this Masterclass was designed as a blend of academic insights, practical experiences and the opportunity to do hands-on work for the participating organisations. Over the course of five days, participants were invited on a three-step journey in order to explore effective solutions, manage potential transformation processes and work on their individual capacities. A well-balanced mix of lectures, workshop elements and practical examples supported the achievement of this aim.