Finance and Impact Investing

The second Masterclass set out to explore the new phenomenon of Impact Investing and broke it down to the reality of civil society organisations and social entrepreneurs in CEE. It combined classroom lectures, discussions, guest panels and interactive work with an opportunity to explore one of the main events on Impact Investing in the region, the “Impact Days 2019” in Vienna.

The NGO Academy Masterclass aimed at creating space and time to jointly dive into the topic of Impact Investing, a topic that is of current concern for NGOs and Social Enterprises. The curriculum was tailored to the needs of the organisations and was designed as a blend of academic insights, practical experiences and the opportunity to do hands-on work for the organisations. The programme aimed to create ideal conditions to build up individual competencies and directly apply them to real-life cases, discussing what these new forms of debt, equity and mixed investments could look like for civil society organisations.