Regional Programme

The Regional Programme is a topic-centred programme offered within the ERSTE Foundation NGO Academy. It focuses on strengthening management competencies of non-profit managers and staff members, taking into consideration their local context and needs for further development.

The programme comprises of versatile and impactful workshops designed around topics like the creation of new resources, the implementation of strategies through projects and the ability of sustaining success. Within those, it strongly focuses on the individual local needs, as well as on offering insights into international perspectives on specific topics.

In order to enable a good mix between local and international perspectives in those areas, as well as a fruitful exchange between experts, practitioners and academics, the Regional Programme mainly consists of two-day workshops, which are implemented by highly qualified lecturers, who are part of the faculty of the ERSTE Foundation NGO Academy. They are offered in six European languages and take places in various cities throughout the region of Central and South-Eastern Europe.

The offer of the Regional Programmes follows the semester logic of the academic year. Workshops offered in Part I usually take place between October and January; those offered in Part II are implemented between March and June.

Participation in the Regional Programme is granted to partner organisations of ERSTE Foundation, by invitation only.