Regional Programme 2019/2020

In its winter term, the Regional Programme 2019/2020 offered 16 workshops that took place in eight countries throughout the region of Central and South-Eastern Europe. The programme concentrates on core management topics crucial to every leader of an organisation. Its foci included fundraising and communication as well as advocacy and leadership skills. Additionally it touched the topic of digital marketing and social media, which remain highly relevant topics in Europe and beyond.

Advanced Marketing for NGOs: Design products and use agile marketing to increase the revenues of your organization

Advanced Marketing for NGOs: Design products and use agile marketing to increase the revenues of your organization

NGOs have traditionally been relying on donations and fundraising to finance their activities. High performers in terms of support offered to beneficiaries struggle more and more to capture or maintain public engagement. In order to grow, these organizations must adapt to the new “attention economy” and start offering people more than important causes to support. Agile Marketing is an optimized approach to marketing planning and execution, allowing your NGO to generate product ideas and adjustable promotion strategies, based on concrete information, increasing the organization’s capacity to quickly and efficiently adapt to context changes. This workshop is designed for people who have understood the essential role of marketing in the healthy growth of an organization, and for those who are in the position to inform or influence organizational strategies.

Lecturer: Sandra Ghițescu

30.01.2020 - 31.01.2020ImplementationRORO
Data for good - tracking progress and increasing transparency of your work

Data for good - tracking progress and increasing transparency of your work

This workshop will teach NGO professionals how to develop a monitoring framework based on their own projects, by (1) helping them analyse what they want to achieve with their projects, (2) teaching them how to formulate suitable indicators for their measurement; (3) showing them examples of monitoring frameworks; (4) teaching them what data to collect, and how to analyse it; and (5) showing them how to align data collection with decision making processes. The training will be as hands-on as possible. Besides learning about the topics of the training, participants will be invited to work on the design of a monitoring framework for their own projects/programs. They will (a) develop Program Logic/Theory of Change for their project/program, (b) identify and develop indicators for progress, (c) design a monitoring framework for their own project/program, and (d) plan how to analyse the data collected.

Lecturers: Oana Ganea & Alina Seghedi

09.12.2019 - 10.12.2019Sustaining SuccessRORO
Advanced Financial Management

Advanced Financial Management

The workshop will focus on building financial analysis skills that could be used for strategic decision making in managing the organization. The workshop will have an important component on performance analysis and investigation of business drivers derived from financial information. Participants to this workshop will learn how to analyze past performance to derive information that will help them make evidence based decisions, build realistic financial projections and manage the organization with a vision for increased financial sustainability.
The workshop could be useful to mid to top management of NGOs that have developed or wish to develop an economic revenue generating arm to increase the overall sustainability of the organization. Management or relevant team members of small and medium limited liability enterprises driven by a social mission are also welcome to participate.

Lecturer: Sonia Oprean

04.11.2019 - 05.11.2019Resources & InnovationRORO
Innovation and creativity for better fundraising results

Innovation and creativity for better fundraising results

Let us come together and share our experiences about organizational sustainability in the relationship-based, colorful sustainable fundraising world!
Find out what other possibilities are available beyond the grant schemes market and explore new ways of how to create meaningful partnership with different actors of the donor market!

Starting from the broader perspective, with the elements of the organizational sustainability we will explore emerging techniques from the fundraising arena. The two days’ workshop will not only make you acquainted with the general schemes of resource building, but you can explore the driving forces of new types of fundraising techniques through examining national and international campaigns, meeting local experts from the field. Community funding, challenge-based donations and social responsibility-based corporate programs are on the agenda – and many more.

Lecturer: Noémi Ambrus

19.11.2019 - 20.11.2019Resources & InnovationHUHU
Non-profit organizations: how to measure success of their work?

Non-profit organizations: how to measure success of their work?

The workshop aims at gaining theoretical and practical knowledge about how to set plan for measuring results and impacts of organization's work. Participants will gain general knowledge of tools for setting up effective evaluation processes that will allow them to find out impact of their work. Participants will also learn how to take into consideration specificity of their organization's goals, methods of work, target group or disposable sources.

Lecturers: Šárka Pólová & Veronika Kandelová

23.10.2019 - 24.10.2019Sustaining SuccessCSCZ
How to operate like a social enterprise?

How to operate like a social enterprise?

The aim of this workshop is a training of NGO representatives on how to create self-sustainable programs that are realized on principles of social entrepreneurship. It includes analysis of target groups’ needs and defining a business model which doesn’t rely only on grants and has the potential to be sustainable in long-term.
During the workshop, participants will have a chance to learn how to use different tools to plan sustainable activities, hear examples of organizations from the region and the world that are already working in this manor, as well as to work on developing a model for their organizations.
Mozaik Foundation has a long experience in development and support of social entrepreneurship and it already operates on these principles.
Our speakers have a long experience in leading organizations that are delivering self-sustainable programs, among which are Lonac Hub network, AIESEC etc.

Lecturers: Miron Lukač, Avdo Halilović & Zoran Puljić

20.01.2020 - 21.01.2020ImplementationBSBA
Impactful and Effective Leadership

Impactful and Effective Leadership

This workshop on effective leadership development helps organizations engage their people, unlock potential, and experience unprecedented growth. Leaders today face many different challenges as they seek to shape organizations for tomorrow. There is growing demand for ethical and engaging leadership that improves employee performance and well-being, as well as organizational performance. Leaders everywhere are required to generate change, inspire innovation, and instill excellence in teams and throughout the organization. This workshop is based on key elements of leadership of self, community, organization and profession and will answer the following questions: how to lead ourselves and our community; how to determine the needs of the community; how to grow and develop our skills to best serve communities through advancement of the social impact; how to build and motivate a team capable of delivering the vision; leadership vs. management; different leadership styles; how to create a Leadership Development Plan and how to formulate personal visions, missions and values.
Besides being provide with a key theoretical foundation, practical work will enable participants to evaluate the process that involves personal and organizational capabilities as well as the possibility of applying this knowledge in their own organizations. The leadership and management process of an organization involves-developing a vision for the organization; aligning people with vision through communication; and motivating people to action through empowerment and through basic need fulfilment.

Lecturers: Ana Koeshall & Bojana Jevtovic

05.12.2019 - 06.12.2019Sustaining SuccessSRRS
Creating need based innovations with design thinking

Creating need based innovations with design thinking

Addressing clients and user needs best is one of the main topics every social sector organization is facing. Do innovations in your organization not follow a specific method or process? Do you have trouble with multifaceted discussion in your organization regarding the right way addressing your clients? Do you have the feeling that you are not really satisfying your clients needs? Do you struggle with poor outcomes of innovation initiatives? Or do you find it hard to find out whether your idea suits to your client´s needs?
In all these cases the innovation framework “design thinking” might help you to find better solutions for your client demands. With design thinking you have a clear process at hand that helps you to navigate through the often messy roads of innovation initiatives. But design thinking is more that that. It is a mindset of how people work together within an organization, puts the client in the center of focus, creates greater impact of your organization and accelerates your innovation efforts.
In the seminar you will learn how to run a design thinking process and get to know various easy tools that you can use directly being back home. Furthermore, you will reflect on the way you are working and organizing your workforce within your organization.

Lecturer: Björn Schmitz

16.01.2020 - 17.01.2020Resources & InnovationDEAT
Basic digital Marketing for NGOs

Basic digital Marketing for NGOs

Discover how digital marketing can help you organisation reach campaign goals and hit fundraising targets.
As part of the workshop you will learn the basics of digital strategy development so you can ensure your digital projects are in line with wider organisational goals. A solid strategic approach is like a map you can use to navigate the complexity of the digital world
We will also give you an overview over digital channels that can be used for online marketing, such as Search Engines, Online Advertising and Social Media.
Since email marketing and landing pages are the most critical channels in online marketing for NGOs we will cover them in more depth. You will learn how to best write an email to supporters and how to optimise landing pages that convert well.

Lecturer: Florian Engel

04.02.2020 - 05.02.2020ImplementationENSI
Mindfulness and Resilience

Mindfulness and Resilience

This workshop is dedicated to experiencing and learning mindfulness-based techniques as a practice for nonprofit managers and social entrepreneurs. Through application, participants can realize advantages for themselves and their organizations in four areas:

  • Performance: Learn how mindfulness and simple exercises of focused presence can boost at the same time your level of performance and your physical and mental well-being.
  • Burnout-prevention based upon mindfulness includes finding a relaxed self-awareness of one’s health and disposition. Mindfulness as practiced in simple exercises will allow participants to increase and sustain their work-level while staying fit and joyful.
  • Stress-management based on mindfulness and taking into account the most recent results of scientific research will enable participants to recognize their stress-level and mange it skillfully.
  • Management-Tools: Mindfulness, practiced in a simple and easy way can provide participants with simple tools to manage themselves and others in times of routine work and peaks of workload alike

Lecturer: Erwin Glatter

27.01.2020 - 28.01.2020Sustaining SuccessENAT
Sales Psychology in NPOs: the tightrope walk between mission-oriented and customer-oriented marketing

Sales Psychology in NPOs: the tightrope walk between mission-oriented and customer-oriented marketing

Nowadays, NPOs are more and more forced to negotiate with donors, “sell” their mission and their services to different stakeholders or even to run some kind of retail business (e.g. charity shops, workshops, selling products made by beneficiaries). Many NPOs have therefore started developing sales and market strategies to support these activities. Empirical evidence suggests that such undertakings are particularly successful if based on insights from psychology, considering the human and organizational dimensions of purchasing behavior.

The goal of this workshop is to introduce principles of sales psychology and to train sales conversations, using practical examples from the participants´ organisations. By means of role play, different sales situations are simulated and analyzed. Additionally, the logic of selling and fulfilling the mission of an NGO are illustrated. Furthermore, questions of shop design, product range policy, pricing in combination with donations and overall sales concepts (e.g. adaptive selling, benefit selling) are discussed according to the participants´ needs.

Lecturer: Renate Buber

23.01.2020 - 24.01.2020ImplementationENHR
Social Media for NGOs

Social Media for NGOs

The workshop focuses on social media information and examples around NGOs and Social Businesses. The participants will gain deep know-how, tools & strategies, and tips & tricks on how Facebook and Co works and how to gain the most with limited resources.

Topics covered during the workshop:

  • Social Media’s basics
  • The Facebook’s algorithm and news feed
  • Content strategy
  • Community management
  • Insights & benchmarking
  • Measurement and monitoring
  • Social Ads (paid advertising)
  • Legal aspects
  • Tips and tricks with practical examples
  • Great tools to make your work easier

After the workshop, the participants will understand how Facebook and Co works and will be able to create and implement an effective Social Media strategy.

Lecturer: Mathias Haas

02.12.2019 - 03.12.2019ImplementationENAT
How to build funding partnerships in arts & culture – Principles & Techniques of Fundraising

How to build funding partnerships in arts & culture – Principles & Techniques of Fundraising

This workshop teaches the principals and most important techniques of fundraising. Whether you are a new or experienced participant this 2 days’ workshop will strengthen your abilities by learning proven fund development tools, which you can immediately implement to make your organisation’s fundraising stronger. You will develop a case for support, create a fundraising plan, identify the best fundraising methods and understand donor behavior and motivation. Best practice examples will give you an insight in successful cultural fundraising campaigns and projects.

Lecturer: Bärbel Holaus-Heintschel

18.11.2019 - 19.11.2019Resources & InnovationENAT
Local community advocacy

Local community advocacy

In times of shrinking space in Europe, civil society organizations can only rely on themselves and one another if they want to create positive social change. Examples show that even small local groups can achieve successes in improving the living conditions of their communities – if they come together, plan and act in concert, and force the local powers to listen and respond. This workshop’s will show you how to do it.
During the two days, presentations will guide participants step-by step through the main components of building a community core group as well as planning and organizing an advocacy campaign, describing the main methods and techniques. Small group exercises and role plays will help practice the skills needed e.g. to request information, to present their cause as well as for consultation and negotiation.
The workshop provides basic knowledge on the subject, so no one will become expert by the end, but it will help participants to understand and review the key elements, and thus be encouraged to launch and implement advocacy campaigns in the future.

Lecturers: Veronika Mora & Roland Kelemen-Varga

14.11.2019 - 15.11.2019Resources & InnovationENHU
Lobbying for Change – Advocacy by civil society

Lobbying for Change – Advocacy by civil society

This 2-day workshop intends to inspire participants to embrace a strategic and hands-on understanding of lobbying as a legitimate and effective approach to pursue your organization’s mission. It focuses on the various advocacy channels and participatory opportunities available to citizens and organizations in a world increasingly defined by new power structures. The ultimate aim is to offer insights and practical tools needed to create compelling, evidence-based, legally-compliant and solution-driven- campaigns. Through the study of some major advocacy campaigns and citizen-driven actions (e.g. Fridays for Future, Ice Bucket Challenge, Stop Glyphosate, Whistle-blowers Directive, etc.) and acting under the guidance of the instructor, participants will gain a first-hand experience of these participatory mechanisms into the public sphere.

Lecturers: Alberto Alemanno & Andrea Boccuni

17.10.2019 - 18.10.2019Resources & InnovationENAT
Leadership & Followership in Teams

Leadership & Followership in Teams

Day in, day out, we work in teams. Teams have become the universal tool for everything. Yet teams need leadership, as unguided teams perform much worse than individuals. Team leaderships not something you are “born” with, but can be learned and acquired. Furthermore, group psychology has accumulated much knowledge to support team leadership – and followership – thus professionalizing teamwork beyond formal hierarchies. Nonetheless, there is not only a considerable knowing-doing-gap, but also a deep gap between academic logic and common sense. We intend to fill these gaps at least partly by this training.
The training consists of four major modules: (1) Pros/cons of teamwork, team dynamics, (2) success factors for leadership, (3) shortcomings of decision making, (4) motivation beyond incentives.

Lecturer: Univ.Prof. Dr. Michael Meyer

14.10.2019 - 15.10.2019Sustaining SuccessENRO